Project Have Hope

Project Have Hope

Project Have Hope, a 501c3 nonprofit organization formed by Malden resident and photojournalist Karen Sparacio, empowers Ugandan women and their families by providing educational and business initiatives, which are made possible by the sale of their handmade crafts.

In addition to purchasing the beautiful products made by Acholi women living in the Acholi Quarter south of Kampala, Uganda, there are many ways to engage with the Project Have Hope community and support its work. This investment of time or money helps the artisans, their families, and the Acholi Quarter community. It is also extremely rewarding.

Here are some ways you can take action:

- Sponsor a Woman
- Sponsor a Child
- Participate in our #IHaveHope campaign
- Host a Jewelry Party
- Help with fundraising for Project Have Hope
- In July 2017, Project Have Hope launched the #IHaveHope campaign to demonstrate the universality of hope that ties us all together and has the power to create powerful, positive change.