Malden Artists

The following artists of The Gallery@57 reside in our gallery's home town,
Malden, MA.

Karyn Alzayer
Elizabeth Campbell-Tompkins
Joana Clement
Michael Cloherty
Betsey Cogswell
Lisa DeCobert
Linda Dolph
Linda Fasciano
Sandy Felder
Eli Lapaix
Yana Lapaix
Ethan MacAdam
Lori Manfra
Ose Manheim
Grace Julian Murthy
Kari Percival
Ginny Remedi-Brown
Elizabeth Scorsello
Lisa L. Sears
Michelle Trammel
Kahsay Tsadkan
Paige Wallis


The following organization members of The Gallery@57 are based in our gallery's home town, Malden, MA.

Friends of Fellsmere Heights (FOFH)
Malden Reads
Project Have Hope
Sowing Opportunities, Inc.


Malden themed artwork can be found here:

Malden, MA 02148