Linda Fasciano

Linda Fasciano

Linda is a home-grown artist, born in Malden, raised in Everett, she has been living in Malden now for 23 years. Her grandmother sewed dozens of quilts, and taught Linda to use a needle and thread when she was around 6 years old. Her mother also sewed clothes and drapes, and sat Linda at the sewing machine when she was 10 years old. It was an old treadle machine and she had to sew standing up on one foot while using the treadle with the other, as she was too short to reach it if she sat in a chair. From there she continued to sew throughout her life, making most of her own clothes, including suits, coats, hats, and gowns.

Linda’s mother also taught her how to crochet as a child. She has also continued to do this throughout her life, and has made many afghans from patterns she has written herself. She has also made a lot of dolls without using any patterns.

In the 1980's she completed a course on Doll Repair through the Doll Hospital School. She has restored several vintage dolls, and has made a number of dolls including Cabbage Patch Kids, Mickey Mouse, Raggedy Ann and Andy, as well as puppets.

Linda has also worked in other mediums such as restoring old furniture and decoupage over the years. She worked most of her life in the Health Sector, as a Technical Secretary for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, the Harvard School of Public Health, and finally as a Medical Transcriptionist for the Massachusetts General Hospital for the last 17 years of her career. She worked part-time at Joann's Fabrics while working for the MGH. She has been retired since 2014.

When the pandemic began, Linda offered her services and sewed over 1000 face masks for the residents and staff of the Malden Housing Authority. With that task completed, she began to make dolls with face masks, and is now planning to make a line of Essential Worker dolls, in honor of those who are working through this pandemic. She calls her brand "Dazzling Dawn Designs" and this line of dolls she is calling "Cosmonic Company", combining the words “cosmos” and “iconic”, signifying the Universe and something recognizable.