Joana Clement

Joana Clement

My name is Joana Clement. I came to the USA from Haiti in 2014. When I came to the USA, I went to Malden High School. I took Honor 1 studio and a ceramics class. I enjoyed it there, making pottery and masks with ceramics. 

I work at the YWCA. There, I created a project with papier-mache for children. I taught them how to make a vase with balls and an octopus. I did a lot of projects with them such as making a glass magnet and designing a bowl with popsicle sticks.

My passion for art and craft increased while I was working at the YWCA and at the Church that I am serving. Despite having so much to do, I stayed strong to make this happen. I started to create brooches, which people can wear on their clothing, to welcome or wish something great.

I remember when The Gallery initially opened at 480 Main St. I went there and saw beautiful handmade art and craft. I was amazed and wanted to participate myself, as a Maldonian artist. I am working really hard to make new designs of brooches and other items. Thanks to my family for supporting me. Even though it is such small stuff, small things can make big things happen!