Ginny Remedi-Brown

Ginny Remedi-Brown

Ginny Remedi-Brown, a resident of Malden since 1987, has been in the arts all her adult life in a wide variety of venues. She brings expertise in many types of art expression. Ginny studied to be an art teacher at Northern Illinois University, concentrating in pottery and silversmithing.

Ginny was a production potter in southwestern VA where she built her own gas kiln, and taught art in the public schools and pottery at a community college. She moved to Boston in 1981 and continued her work as a potter, working in an artist’s loft and selling at craft shows. Ginny then spent three years in woodworking and cabinetmaking and explored jewelry making, designing small hardwood small components and combining them with precious metals.

It was during this time that she re-energized her love of silversmithing and returned to working full-time designing and marketing her jewelry designs in stores, craft shows, and exhibiting and selling at conferences. As a jewelry artisan, Ginny is inspired by her materials and textures, and peace and justice issues. With pencil and pad ready, she turns a fresh idea into reality, and a blessing for the wearer.

Ginny’s lines include silver and gold rings, pendants and earrings, Swarovski crystal earrings, as well as a wide range of porcelain pieces. She calls her work “JEWELS FOR THE JOURNEY!” Her work is characterized as “spirited jewelry with a personal touch” that is thoughtfully designed, striking to wear and proudly given.